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The Pew Pew Pews are remaking the world in their own funky image – and
you’re invited to the party.

The band, a two-man creative unit, express their ideas through stylish
electronic music alongside fresh graphic art.

a_phake, aka Ravi Maharaj, (production, dj, vocals, guitar) and Kit Joseph
(illustration, VJ & art direction) translate innovative concepts into eclectic,
stylish music and sci-fi comicbook images.

Musically, they upend convention with playful mashups of everything from
Rapso and EDM, to funk and electro rap. Graphically, they mirror their musical
journey through the adventures of space nomads Disko and Ruin.

Ruin (Kit) is an explorer and treasure hunter. Disko (a_phake) is a tinkerer and
problem-solver with a knack for making people leap without looking.

In real life, a_phake’s been known to do just that, having collaborated with lots
of musicians over the years. “Because I’m a multi-instrumentalist, I wanted to
reflect that in the music, while attempting an interdisciplinary collab,” he says.

There’s a definite experimental aspect to their sound. It manages to maintain
a cool, retro feel while always pushing boundaries.

The duo’s mythical alter-egos escape an interstellar military prison and must
navigate a desolate world. “Their first mission was to break out of there,” Kit
says. “We escaped it trying to get to a more groovy, free, creative space.

They discover an abandoned spaceship and decide to use it as their base. In
the real world, they’ve opened their own music studio with a slate of emerging
artists, Future Crab Studios Ltd.

“In real life it’s proper hard to be independent musicians in Trinidad. So we
have to find a way to be the kind of artists we want to be.

“And to do that you have to fight. Pew, pew, pew!”


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