The First Future Crab Studios Soca Release “Stay High” is Here

The First Future Crab Studios Soca Release “Stay High” is Here

Today we release our first Soca track “Stay High” so now we’re officially a part of the Carnival madness and festivities.

As a studio we’ve been in existence 1.1 years now. Since then we’ve grown a lot and produced a ton of music in wildly varying genres. Little by little though, we’ve been dipping our toes into soca and this year we’ve gotten some recording credit on a few releases.

For example we recorded live drums on this new Orlando Octave track. Live drums on this new Kerry John track. And this song from Da Nation, one of our close affiliates, featuring Shumba as the artiste had vocals recorded in the Crab.

So you can see we’ve been keeping busy. And we’ve been pitching some songs with Ballistik Productions on the lows as well. So some other things may jump out soon…shhhhhh.

But today we’re even more proud because Stay High is here which has been a total Crab effort from concept to finish. From audio to video, Stay High has been a joint effort from the all star team with some Rondo assists from affiliates. So we can say this one is truly a Crab joint and to the Carnival season we can say…WE’RE HERE.

And here is the rundown. The song was written by bro Daniel Hamilton, yours truly Da Face aka the hardest working Trinidad artiste and the eternal Ravi Maharaj of Future Crab Studios. I wrote the lyrics to Stay High, my bro helped with the melody and Ravi put on his a_phake suit and cranked out the music.

Then Mark Dingwell of ANMLY Productions provided vocal coaching for the sweet harmonies and notes that my bro provided. I mean it’s his song and I’m proud of him. I think he hit for six with his first released so I know big things will be in store. Mark also doctored some harmonies as well. Bess harmonies I might add. Shac De Burg we brethren from Ballistik Productions added some keys on the beat and provided some backup vocals of well to seal it off.

After that, Ravi Maharaj transformed again into a_phake and mixed and mastered Stay High to perfection. Many late nights and early mornings were spent doing this. At the same time, outside the studio we linked with Kit Joseph of Future Crab Studios and another brethren and close affiliate Scott Homer of Sekretiv. for the promo vid which was shot by Scott. Kit directed the selection of shots and got his editing on so by the time the song was done, the video was done one time.

And today, I’m pleased and proud to announce that we have that video for you. So please watch it and if you like, don’t just share it, share it will ALL your friends and family. Let’s make it big. Let’s DO THIS!!!

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